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LNE Blasting Inc. provides dependable plastic media blasting services in the Harris, MN area. Plastic media blasting is perfect for old car bodies because it allows us to remove paint without warping the body during automotive cleaning.


You can trust us to do the job right since we have 20 years of blasting experience, and we're fully insured. Once you enlist our services, we'll get the job done in two to three days. Get in touch with us right away for more information.

Top-notch plastic media blasting services in Harris, MN

Great uses of our plastic media blasting work

  • Thin metals

  • Automotive paint stripping

  • Automotive cleaning


We have been providing quality work at affordable prices since 1990. Call us today for professional plastic media blasting services. You can also contact us for sandblasting and glass media blasting services.

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Quality plastic media blasting work for your car

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